Tricon Infotech ServiceNow Interview Questions Bangalore

Tricon Infotech is a 20 years old organization based out of Bangalore. It has 4 offices across the globe with 400+ employees and has an experience of delivering 400+ projects and 5000+ user stories. Tricon deals mainly on innovative software and consulting services.

ServiceNow Interview in Tricon Infotech may have 3-4 rounds, so be mentally prepare for it.

Round 1: Telephonic Interview (Technical)

This interview round includes purely technical stuff according to the introduction you will give to your interviewer. This round includes questions from topics like, ACLs, Update Sets, JavaScript, Data Policy, Import Sets, etc.

Round 2 : (Technical – cum – Managerial Round)

Ques. Have you worked on ACL? To implement update operation, which operation out of create, read and delete is also required to get the desired result?

Ques. What is subflow in ServiceNow? What will be the execution order of activities of workflow and the respective subflow in it?

Ques. Total 8 balls are available, 7 of same weight and 1 is having slightly more weight than others but of same dimension. How to find out odd one using BALANCE SCALE?

Ques. How things are working on the back-end of ServiceNow application in your system?

Ques. What all functions are available in JavaScript to convert data(any format/type) into String type?

Ques. What is prompt() function in JavaScript?

Ques. What is the output of following code:

var a = alert(“hello”);


Ques. What is confirm() function in JavaScript?

Ques. Hotel’s data is stored in hotel_details table. Columns available are Name of visitor, Number of Rooms(no_of_rooms), Check-In date (check_in_date), Check-out date(check_out_date). Write a SQL query to find out total number of rooms which are not empty for January 1, 2020?

Ans. select sum(no_of_rooms) from hotel_details where check_in_date> jan1, 2020 and check_out_date<jan2, 2020

Ques. As a employee, What would be expectations from Tricon Infotech?

Ques. Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?

Ques. Why do you want to change your current job/employer?

Round 3: Client Interview

It may be taken according to client requirements.

Round 4 : HR Round

This round includes basic questions about your life such as education, job, family, salary expectation, kind of character, etc.

Ques. Tell me about yourself (Education & Employment only)

Ques. Have you done any ServiceNow Certification?

Ques. What is your notice period? Is it negotiable?

Ques. Why do you want to change your current job?

Ques. What is your current CTC?

Ques. What is your expected CTC?

Ques. What all activities you do in your day-to-day life in addition to job?

Ques. How all are there in your family and what are they currently doing?

Ques. Tell me something about your native place.

Ques. Are you okay to work on our Client Location in the same city?

After this round, Document Verification process will get started from the team of Human Resouces in Tricon Infotech. Within one week of preliminary checks, you will get Offer Letter of Employment.