Frequently asked ServiceNow Portal Interview Questions

Hello ServiceNow Geeks,
In this article, I will cover ServiceNow Interview Questions on Service Portal which you must go through and consider learning before appearing for technical interview.

  1. What is prompt() function in JavaScript?
  2. What is confirm() function in JavaScript?
  3. Difference between input and data in Service Portal
  4. Difference between Widget and Widget Instance.
  5. How to change theme of portal not from Branding Editor?
  6. Which functions are not supported in service portal?
  7. What is Instance option in Service Portal?
  8. Does native UI Form Layout & List Layout works differently on Service Portal?
  9. Bootstrap in Service Portal?
  10. CSS Hierarchy in ServiceNow Portal
  11. What is spModal used for?
  12. What all functions and functionalities are available with spModal in ServiceNow?
  13. What is spUtil used for?
  14. What all functions and functionalities are available with spUtil in ServiceNow?

Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced on the service portal. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.