Service desk | IT Help desk Top 5 skill requirement

Whatever work we do in our day-to-day life requires certain skills to complete that work in an ultimate way, same goes with service desk. Right now, you might be guessing what service desk guys do? What does this profile requires? This article will give you complete understanding about the Service Desk, its different roles, skills required, etc. So without wasting more time, Let us start reading about exactly Service desk is-

What is Service Desk (Help Desk)?

It is a team of support agents which provides support to employees of their own organization through a voice/non-voice mode. The support may be for technical or non-technical issue, that totally depends upon the production/work environment of the company. Usually, Support agents provide support through on of these medium like calls, chats, emails or through 24*7 self-service queue management.

Service desk is not limited to employee of one or same company you are employed with. It can also be outsourced or I.T. companies usually hire people on contract to hire basis (third party), which is again a part of cost effective work management.

There are certain skills a service desk agent should possess in order to run process diligently.

Top 5 skills required for Service Desk are:

  1. Good Communication skills:A good communicator of the language speaks in a way that listener understand his voice/thoughts and vice-versa.
  2. Soft spoken: User may report any issue irately. Agent should understand his situation, make him feel that you will resolve his issue.
  3. Patience: Agent should be patient in nature. Because technical support agents are the only one who can resolve issue and that is why they contact technical support team or service desk.
  4. Should be ready to work in 24*7 environment: There are support desk which provides support 24*7. In that case, the work shift gets change frequently and user has to adjust accordingly.
  5. Adaptive to changing circumstances: There may be some instances when many services stops and the impact is very large. This situation is technically known as an Outage. At that particular time, the bigger flow of incident request calls may arrive. The agent should adapt to this situation and work punctually.

Service desk agents always give their best just to maintain best user experience at first level of support.

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