Nagarro Interview questions for ServiceNow

Hello ServiceNow Geeks,
In this article, I will cover ServiceNow Interview questions for Nagarro which you must go through and consider before going for technical interview.

  1. Tell me about yourself and your experience in ServiceNow
  2. What is Query business rule?
  3. We need email address of caller (reference field) using dot walking. How would you do it?
  4. What is Script action?
  5. We have a business rule and we want short description of incident form. How would you do it?
  6. How to get company name of current logged-in user?
  7. How to copy email subject of an inbound email action in any field of incident form?
  8. What is advanced reference qualifier?
  9. How to re-direct any user to other page from list view based on roles (ESS/ITIL/admin)?
  10. What is sub-string in javascript?
  11. Write syntax of client script & Script Include. How to call server data using client script?
  12. How many types of SLA are there in ServiceNow?
  13. What is retroactive start?
  14. What is ACL? Explain it and counter questions basis on answer.
  15. What are server side GlideAPI?
  16. Write syntax of eventQueue() function Why do we use it?
  17. What is async Business Rule? Can we use changes() function? Can we use previous object in async business rule?
  18. What is Automated test framework?
  19. Can we use ATF on server side?
  20. Can we test workflow in ATF?
  21. Name all types of Transform script. Which transform script runs before server?
  22. What is major incident?
  23. During load of form, which runs first Client Script or UI Policy?
  24. What is Script rest API?
  25. What is outbound rest API?
  26. What is path resource?
  27. Difference between patch and update.
  28. What is GlideRecordSecure?
  29. What is UI formatter?
  30. Have you configured ACL? Restrict write access to all fields for agent role but allow read access. How to achieve it?

Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced for the same organization. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.

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