Infosys ServiceNow Interview Questions Bangalore

This article will help you prepare for technical interview for ServiceNow profile in Infosys. Interview round can be taken face to face or via WebEx session. Most probably, Two panelist will be available to take technical interview. So be prepare for it. Here is the list of Latest Infosys ServiceNow Interview Questions – 

  1. Tell me something about experience in ServiceNow, modules you worked on?
  2. Scenario: Particular user is facing slowness in production instance. What will you do except clearing cache and cookies etc.? Answer- Impersonate user, response time(browser, network, server), etc.
  3. Why do we use Script Include in ServiceNow?
  4. What all methods are available to call data using Script Include? Answer – 3 methods: getXml(), getXmlWait(), getXmlAnswer()
  5. What is UI Policy and how it differs from Client Script?
  6. Difference between UI Policy and Data Policy.
  7. What is Business Rule?
  8. How many types of Business Rules are available..Explain with example. Answer – 5 types (Query, Display, Before, After, Async)
  9. Explain async Business Rule with example.
  10. Have you worked on Service Catalog or Service Portal?
  11. What is Cascading variable?
  12. How to import 50 new users using Transform Map in System Import Set?
  13. What is Global checkbox for variable in Service Catalog?

Round 2

1) What is the use of Fix Script in ServiceNow?
2) Script include vs Global business rule
3) What is Flow designer
4) in portal differnce between input and data
5) different reference qualifier
6) can we call client script from another client script
7) scratchpad use and sintax in service now
8) acl Scenario
9) soap rest differnce
10) what is choice action transform script
11) difference between on start and on before transform script
12) suppose 100 records are been inserted with transform script, one field is mandatory. In 10 record that field is not present, how to restrict the updation of tat record
13) catalog item is domain seperated or not? How to hide a catalog from particular domain
14) how service now differentiate between data and process on process get captured in update set
15) can a scratchpad from 1 workflow can be called to another workflow

I hope this will give little idea about the technical questions being asked in ServiceNow interview in Infosys. Please write us for any clarification and interview questions for other companies.