GRE test – Exam day checklist

GRE, abbreviated for Graduate Record Examinations. It is a standardized test take place at international level, used to check English language proficiency for non-native English speakers. The proficiency test contains 3 sections, that is, analytical reasoning, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The score card or report of GRE test (verbal and quantitative section) comes out of 340 and analytical reasoning in terma of band 0 to 5 (with 0.5 marks increment). The test is organized by Education testing service (ETS) in USA. The score is used to take admission in graduate schools in USA and few colleges in other countries.

Checklist for GRE test day

There are some things which needs to be left at home and some needs to be taken to examination center. These are:


  • IELTS Approved Identification should be taken to the examination center. Without this doucment, you will be approved to take the test. In India, Passport is the only approved document. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Admission ticket – Can be downloaded from My GRE account after registration for exam. To create a GRE account, click here
  • All the documents submiited in application form should be brought to the examination center.
  • You should bring all the stationary required for the test. It includes pen, pencil, eraser, etc.
  • A bag or bag pack and snacks for your scheduled break in between the exam.


You should try to avoid bringing any personal items even if there is storage space available inside examination center. Things which must not bring to the examination center are:

  • Digital or electronic products like laptop, notebook, iPods, iPads, mobile phone, calculator, watches, cameras, pen driven stylus, pen drives, etc.are not allowed.
  • Any type of GRE study material, which includes Flash cards, notes, pamphlets pads, etc.
  • Reference material like dictionary, Thesaurus and Translators, are also not allowed inside examination center.

Are you going to take IELTS test, go through exam day checklist


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