Form Splits in ServiceNow | Single/Multiple

Form Splits in ServiceNow is a very known phenomenon which helps us to organize the fields on the from into two columns. For Example, if there are 10 fields on a form and you want to show 6 on left side and 4 on right side or any combination, it is possible using form splits in servicenow.

Currently, splitting a form into 3 columns is not possible in ServiceNow.

How to implement form split in ServiceNow ?

  1. Go to form.
  2. Go to form layout by right clicking on banner.
  3. Slush-bucket would open. Search for |-begin_split_|, |-split-|, |-end_split-| in the left side basket.
  4. Double click the |-begin_split_| for the form portion for which you want to start form splits and  |-end_split-| to end form splits
  5. Use |-split-| in between begin and end to split the form and get desired results.

How Form Split works on Mobile ?

When we use form split in servicenow and open any form on mobile then left side columns visibles first then right side columns. This enhances the user experience for mobile-based servicenow users.

Multiple Form Splits in ServiceNow

If we use multiple form splits then, suppose we used 2 form splits here. On smartphone, left side portion of first form split becomes visible first then right side of 1st. Same goes in continuation for second form split.

Property for Multiple Form Splits

There is a property available in servicenow which should be enabled before using multiple form splits in servicenow. That property is “glide.ui.form_multiple_splits”.