Deloitte ServiceNow Interview Questions

This article will help you prepare for technical interview for ServiceNow profile in Deloitte. Interview round can be taken face to face or via WebEx session. Most probably, Only one interviewer will be available to take technical interview in every round.

Two round of technical interview will be conducted and Interview remains tough in first round comparatively to second round.

Here is the list of Latest Deloitte ServiceNow Interview Questions – 

  1. Difference between Query Business Rule and ACL?
  2. How to remove ACL’s security constraint message from list view of any table?
  3. One question would be scenario based for ACL?
  4. What is the major difference between After Business Rule and Async Business Rule?
  5. How Script include is better than Business Rule?
  6. How to call a function of script include in business rule?
  7. Which function is used to to make UI action work on server side?
  8. How many types of transform scripts are available in ServiceNow and what are they and their order of execution?
  9. How to call notification email script in email notifications?
  10. What is g_scratchpad variable and where it is used?

2nd Round Questions-

  1. How to automate sys_user table so that onboarding and exit of employees can be managed?
  2. How Machine Learning is being used in ServiceNow platform?
  3. Have you worked on any Integration? Related questions.
  4. Have you worked on Service Portal?
  5. Which all ServiceNow modules have you worked on?

I hope this will give little idea about the technical questions being asked in ServiceNow interview for Big4 company Deloitte. Please write us for any clarification and interview questions for other companies.

Also, Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced for the same organization. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.