Cognizant ServiceNow Interview Questions

Hello ServiceNow Geeks,
In this article, I will cover Cognizant ServiceNow interview questions which you must go through and consider learning before appearing for technical interview.

  1. What is getRowCount() used for?
  2. What is retroactive start in SLA?
  3. How to create SLA schedule?
  4. What all types of variables are available in Service Catalog?
  5. How to arrange service catalog variables in two columns?
  6. What is workflow scratchpad?
  7. What all types of reference qualifier in ServiceNow? List their advantages.
  8. How to use some variables (not all) from variable set in service catalog?
  9. What is approval definition?
  10. We have attached a workflow on Order Guide but service catalog has already one workflow. Which one will work and where?
  11. There is one requirement on incident list view. When incident opened time becomes more than 48 hours, Opened field should become red in color on load of form list view. How to achieve it?
  12. Differentiate between * and none in ACL.
  13. What is Transform Map? Where do we use it?
  14. What is coalesce in import sets? How to apply multi-field coalesce?
  15. In import set, when you imported bulk of users, how do you put them in groups?
  16. In import set, excel sheet data is in time format dd-mm-yyyy (date of joining, data of birth, etc.) but servicenow target table data is in time format mm-dd-yyyy. How do you manage it?
  17. How will you show sys_user & sys_supervisor data in related list of record?
  18. Tell me about two type of response which we get using Script Include.

Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced for the same organization. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.

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