Christmas – Commemorate birth of Jesus

Christmas Day (X-mas day) is a Christian festival celebrated on December 25th of every year. This festival is celebrated by billions around the world. On this day, people commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This festival is celebrated by both Christians as well as non-Christians.

How do people celebrate Christmas ?

Most of the countries observes this day as public day. Christians celebrate this festival by decorating homes, giving gifts to their knowns, sharing meals or sweets through social gatherings, feasting, etc. On this day, people do worship Jesus and burn candles in Church. Children remembers Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) that he will come and will give them toys and cholcolates.

Little Santa Nicholas

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When do people celebrate Christmas?

Although the date and month of Jesus’s birth is unknown, the countries which have adopted Gregorian calender observes this day on December 25th. In some countries, People also celebrate ChristmasEve on December 24th.

People welcomes New year with Christmas 

Christmas week leads to the beginning of New Year celebration. People welcomes the new day of new year. It is usually celebrated by doing party on December 31st night and burning fire crackers which ultimately leads to sound and air pollution.

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