Thanksgiving Cuisine

Christmas Dinner Cuisines

Christmas comes on 25th of December every year. This festival is celebrated by billions around the world. Christians celebrate this festival by decorating homes, giving gifts to their known. They also offer Christmas dinner or sweets through social gatherings, feasting, etc.

What includes Christmas Dinner?

Xmas dinner includes oven-roasted turkey just like thanksgiving day. Oven roasted turkey remains the main dish on this day. All over usa, one third of tukey gets consumed during Thanksgiving-Christmas season. The per capita consumption of turkey meat is over 18 pounds, which is around 8.2 kilograms. A large number of roasted turkeys are stuffed with mixture of bread and roasted. Turkey’s ingredients includes tree nuts, carrots, onions, and chopped celery. This is a unique kind of dinner served once a year.

Alternatives to oven-roasted turkey

It may include Biryani (in India), lamb/mutton, chicken, fish, mutton-curry and other items. Sweet dishes includes kheer, sweets and white sponge cake in Japan. There are several other dishes which can be served as alternative to turkey dish. Non-vegetarian dishes includes Goose and duck, Ham, Quail, dungeness crab and turducken which is deboned turkey, duck and chicken mixed together and then cooked as a whole. While vegetarian dishes includes stuffed squash, tofu, wheat gluten, etc.

Beverages for Christmas dinner

Christmas drink vary from person to person. These includes wine, a cup of sweet tea, non-fermented apple cider. It may also include christmas cocktails, cold coffee, hot chocolate, etc. Among them, mulled wine remains favorite option.

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