Valentine Week list 2018

Valentine Week List | Happy Valentine Day

Valentine’s week starts on 7th of February every year. This is one of the most precious week for the lovers. They got the chance to express their love to their loved one. Every single day in Valentine week list 2018 is meant to express love in a unique way. Valentine week ends on 14th of February.

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Valentine’s Day comes on 14th of February every year. Expression of love is signifies Valentine’s Day. On this day, lovers express their love towards their loved ones. Valentine’s day is also known as Feast of Saint Valentine and Saint Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Week List

Day of Valentine week
February 7
Rose Day
February 8
Propose Day
February 9
Chocolate Day
February 10
Teddy Day
February 11
Promise Day
February 12
Kiss Day
February 13
Hug Day
February 14
Valentine Day

Find below the detailed information about these days separately.

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Rose Day in Valentine’s Week

Rose Day comes on 7th of February every year. This day reflects the start of Valentine week. Lovers exchanges the rose or bucket of flowers with their partners. In this article, you will get to know more about Rose Day and see Rose Day wallpaper and images. A rose is a flower used to give to loved ones on Rose day in Valentine week. A rose enthralls the environment with its pleasant smell. Its red texture captures the complete attention of people. It increases the joy and happiness in the surrounding where it is kept or grows. In addition to this, Gualb Jamun, Gulab Jal (Rose water) is made using Rose.

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Propose Day in Valentine’s Week

This is the second precious day of the lovers week. On this day, a boy proposes his girlfriend in his own way. The feeling at that moment remains very amazing. This is the second precious day of the lovers week. This is the “Day to Express Love.” It comes on 8th of February every year. On this day, a boy proposes his girlfriend or vice-versa in his/her own way. The feeling at that moment remains very amazing. Propose Day Wallpaper usually used as Desktop Background on laptop or PC.

Free Valentine Wallpaper
Free and Best Valentine Wallpapers

Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day comes on 9th of February every year. Chocolate Day 2018 is the 3rd day of Valentine week. It is different from National Chocolate Day 2018 in USA, which will come on October 28. Chocolate has a unique feature – Just like the sweetness in its taste, Chocolate increases the sweetness in love. Some of the famous chocolates are Dairy Milk Silk, Kit Kat, Munch, Five Star, Perk, etc.

It is also medically proven that dark chocolates helps in sharpening the mind of human beings. Not just taste of chocolate refreshes the mind, its images do the same with the effectiveness. While going through these images and article, it will rejuvenate your mood.

Teddy Day – On this day, Boys gives Teddy Bear and a valentine card to their girlfriend.

Promise Day -Promise brings the lovers more closer. This is promise of feelings, happiness, togetherness and respect

Kiss Day  Name says it all. No words to explain this day.

Hug Day – This is the second last of the Valentine_week. On this day, Lovers embraces each other.

Valentine Day – This is the last and most important day in lovers life. It is celebrated on 14th of February every year. This day brings the fulfillment. Lots of Valentine Events have been scheduled at the lover spots. There will be competitions like singing, dancing, ramp walk and lot more. So, Do plan to participate in those events and have a splendid day!

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As Valentine’s Day eve fulfills the desire of deep heart, more bonding and strength comes into the relationship. Red attire cherishes the moments on that day.


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