Stop looping of comments/worknotes in ServiceNow

Flag field on both forms.. after copying of comments make flag on target table false & dont forget to run both BR’s when flag is true.. Two more BR’s to make flag true again after 10 seconds using scheduled job in Business Rule (after/Update/flag comment changes to true / table name)

(function executeRule(current, previous /null when async/) {
	// Add your code here
	gs.log("Flag value is "+current.u_comment_flag);
	if(current.u_comment_flag == true) {
		  gs.log("Entered into the IF condition ");
		  //let us schedule a job which makes the flag inactive after 30 secs
		  var myjob = new GlideRecord('sysauto_script');
          myjob.newRecord(); = "Auto schedule BR " + current.number;
 = true;
          myjob.run_type = 'once';
          var gdt = new GlideDateTime();
          gdt.addSeconds(10); //add 10 secs to current date
          myjob.run_start = gdt;
          myjob.script = "var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');gr.addQuery('sys_id','"+current.sys_id+"');gr.query();if({gr.u_comment_flag=false;gr.update();}";
})(current, previous);

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