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Ques. What is Service Portal?

Ans. Service Portal is a module of servicenow which can be used to enhance user experience or used as CMS. There are various functionalities which an end user can directly use, like accessing knowledge base, Support/Help, raise a help ticket, etc.

Ques. How to enable Service Portal?

Ans. Most of the time it is by default enabled. But if it is not working then you can enable it easily. Go to application navigator and search for “Plugins” in system definition section. A page with search box comes. Type this context “Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management”  then Activate/Install it. Service Portal will start working in it.

Ques. How to access Service Portal?

Out of box service portal can be accessed by

In this article, I will give you a brief introduction to Service Portal Architecture & Components, service portal widgets and benefits. I hope that will definitely help in understanding servicenow service portal

5 Components of Service Portal

Search for Service Portal Configuration in application navigator:

  1. Branding Editor( a. no code->used for customizing/changing banners, icons, logo, themes, etc./ b. low code->we can create widgets using css, html, etc. /c. pro code->Completely development work is done using AngularJS);
  2. Designer( Widgets are designed/built here by drag & drop mechanism. Container contains rows which contains columns which further contains instances which further contains widgets so whenever we create a widget an instance will get create);
  3. Page Editor(here we can configure the properties of page.)
  4. Widget Editor (Configure widgets using css, html and javascript, can also create a new widget or if you want to edit existing one then search for it and do editing. Don’t do editing for out of box widgets);
  5. Get Help

Hierarchy in Service Portal

Tips: Portal contains Pages and Pages contains widgets.

Create Custom Service Portal

  1. Portal:: Go to application navigator > search for service portal > Click on Portals > Create New > 1. Give a title to it. 2. URL Suffix > Save it.
  2. Pages::On this form, home page field is there. Click on search button corresponding to this field > Create New > Give a Title and ID to it. For Example, Title: Demo Page of my sp and ID: demo_page
    1. Widgets:: A) Search “widgets” in application navigator and click on one which comes under Service Portal section. > Create New > Give a NAME and ID to it. Click SUBMIT. For Example, Title: Widget of my sp and ID: demo_widget.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              B) Go to the widget so created. In Related Links > Click on Open in widget Editor. It contains three sections: i. HTML

Template  Enter following: <div>

<!– your widget template –>

  <p>It is my demo widget.</p>

</div>                           SAVE it.

Now, we have to link our custom widget to custom page. So, search for “pages” in app navigator in service portal section. Go to related links available there> Click on “Open in Designer”. Click on +  (plus icon) in the middle of the page. Click on “12” which shows unsplitted row. Then, search for widget on the left side and then drag drop it in box. Preview it.

ii. Client Script

iii. Server Script

Important Points to Remember

Ques. How to customize portal’s title, logo, icon, etc.?

Ans. Go to Service Portal Configuration > Branding Editor. Go into it and change logo, tag line, tag line color, background color, etc.

 Ques. Designer?

Ans. Go to Service Portal Configuration > Designer > Search for demo_page. Click on “plus icon” in the middle of the page and do designing.

 Ques. Page Editor?

Ans. Go to Service Portal Configuration > Page Editor > Search for demo page. Once it opens up, it shows the hierarchy of our custom portal. If we click on any page or widget it shows up the coding part of it. Do Editing and Save it.

Ques. Widget Editor?

Ans. Edit existing widget or create a new one and link it.

Ques. New Portal?

Ans. Used to create new service portal.