Beating Retreat

Republic Day – Beating Retreat Ceremony

Beating Retreat Ceremony represents the official end of the festivities of Republic Day. This ceremony conducted on the third day after Republic Day, i.e., on 29th of January. The venue remains Vijay Chowk, adjacent to Raisina Hills.

Beating Retreat – End of Republic Festivities

It includes the Band Show done by three wings of Indian Armed Forces. They are Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. They give salutation to President of country. Chief Guest of this ceremony remains the President of India. He arrives to venue escorted by cavalry unit (PBG).

Beating Retreat

Band Show by Military

During arrival of President, the unit commander asks his unit to give President a National salute. At the same time, National Anthem is played by Indian Army regiment. The show includes numerous patriotic rhythms. All three wings of the military stand along the road and start show with bands, drums, trumpets and buglers.

Beating Retreat

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