Republic Day Parade Chief Guest - ASEAN states

ASEAN states – Republic Day Parade Chief Guest

Since 1950, Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th of January every year. It is one of the three National Holidays of India. Republic Day symbolizes the Constitution of India, which came into effect on 26 January, 1950.

Republic Day Parade Chief Guest 2018

India has been hosting Head of Government of another country as Chief Guest since first republic day celebrations. They get to become Guest of Honour for 26 January Parade occur in New Delhi. Every year a different country (most likely) gets an chance to become the guest country. There are instances (1968, 1974 and 2018) that more than one country becomes the guest country. It totally depends upon socio-economic and political interests between countries.

Republic Day Parade Chief Guest - ASEAN states

List of Chief Guests in 2018

This year ten countries have been declared as the Guest countries for Republic Day celebrations. They are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Philippines. So, the HEADS of ASEAN states will be Guest of Honour. This is the first time that the 10 countries have been declared as guests on any Republic Day celebration in India. Find below the list of 10 Chief Guest name along-with country name.

Guest Country NameGuest Country HEAD's name
ThailandPrayuth Chamocha (Prime Minister)
SingaporeH. Yacob (President)
MalaysiaNajeeb Rajak (Prime Minister)
VietnamN.X. Phuc (Prime Minister)
BruneiSultan Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan)
IndonesiaJoko Widodo (President)
CambodiaHun Sen (Prime Minister)
MyanmarHtin Kyaw (President)
LaosThongloun Sisoulith
(Prime Minister)
PhilippinesR. R. Duterte

Rajpath – The official venue since 1954

Most of the people know that Rajpath remained the venue for Republic Day Parade since its beginning, but that is wrong. From 1950 to 1954, Rajpath was not the venue for Republic Day celebration. It was Red Fort, Kingsway, Irwin stadium and Ram leela ground. In 1955, Rajpath became the official venue for republic day parade in New Delhi. Governor General from Pakistan was its first Chief Guest.

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