Remove “Number of rows removed from this list by security constraint” in ServiceNow

Hello ServiceNow geeks,

Well most of us have used ACL and query business to restrict data operation for certain set of users. You must also have seen annoying message while restricting the access using ACL in ServiceNow. That message is –

Number of rows removed from this list by Security constraints: {count}

This is the out of box behavior of ServiceNow ACLs but we can get rid of this. There is a work-around. You know how? Lets decode this..

  1. Search for Message table [sys_ui_message.list] in application navigator in your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Run your query for KEY equal to “Number of rows removed from this list by Security constraints: {0}”
  3. Open the record
  4. Set Message to one empty space.
  5. Save it

Now, you would not see this message again in the restricted search results.

You can also set an alternate text to this message as per your convenience and requirement.

Tip: Pagination will still show total number of records. Instead, you can use Query Business Rule for your data validation and operations.

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