New Year Eve

Top 5 places in Canada to celebrate New year Eve

New year starts on 1st of January. Billions of people around the world starts celebration with Christmas. Usually, known as New Year’s day. Very few days left to prepare for new year eve celebration and gifts. Countdown begins..

Top 5 places for New Year in Canada:

1. Quebec City

It is one of the loveable place for Christmas-new year season. Quebec has large number of churches. People planning for holidays should plan in advance because it becomes difficult to do bookings at last stage. Also, the prices goes very high.

2. Toronto

In Toronto, New Year has been celebrated on a large scale for many years now. This city has large number of federals. Streets remains decorated during season of Christmas and new year. There, you can see number of movies and portraits which signifies the spirit of positivity and faith.

New Year Eve

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is going to be the biggest site for New year eve celebration (NYE 2019) just like last year. NYE’19 celebration starts at 6:30 pm local time on December 31st. There will be numerous rounds of fireworks at Canada palace. Pyrotechnics display will start at midnight.

4. Ottawa, Ontario

To enjoy a midnight mass, you should visit Ottawa in Ontario. The national capital will be celebrating its 151th anniversary.

5. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara falls is one of the favorite destination for visitors. A huge crowd gathers around this. If you want to see an amazing thundering falls, then you should visit here. It gives a marvelous view.

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