Leap Year Day

Leap Year Day February 29 Birthday

Leap Day comes once in four years. It is also known as Leap year day. It is usually celebrated on 29th of February. Years having 29th of February are called Leap year and the day is called as Leap year day. Common years does not have February 29.

What is Leap Year Day ?

February 29 is known as Leap day. You might be thinking, why February 29 is known to be Leap year day or Leap day? In a leap year, one additional day gets added at the end of February. A leap year has a total number of 366 days, which is 1 more than common years.

According to Gregorian calendar, February 29 is the 60th day of the year. That means 306 will be the remaining days in that particular year. There is a belief that there was no recognition for Leap year hundreds of years ago. It was ignored or leapt over other years. That is how February 29 got the name “Leap Year Day”. This relates to leap year meaning.

Leap Year Day

When was the last leap year ?

Last leap year was 2016. Now the question arises, When is the next leap year ? It comes once in four years. So, The next leap year will be 2020. February 29, 2020 will be Leap Day 2020. In a single year, there are 365 days and 6 hours. So, after 4 years it completes a one day (24 hours). That is why after every 4 years, Leap year comes and we see February 29 in that year.

There may be a time when you forgot the number of days in a specific month. You can check it out very easily. Here, I have brought the solution for you. How to identify the number of days using your hands? Make a punch with your right or left hand. Start counting month (like January, February,…, up to December) with the knuckles of one hand and go through the second hand. If it is UP, then, month will have 31 days. If it is DOWN, month will have 30 days except in month of February. The picture shown below will help you in remembering this.

Number of days in a month Identifier

How to identify which year is leap year?

Simplest way to identify which year is leap year and which year is not. Just divide any year by 4. If it is divisible, then, it is LEAP YEAR. Otherwise, it is NOT A LEAP YEAR. For Example, 2020 is divisible by 4, so it will be the next LEAP YEAR.

February 29 famous birthdays

Baby who takes birth on February 29 are known as Leap year baby or leapling. February 29 birthdays or Leap year birthdays are often celebrated on February 28 or March 1. Leap Day is also observed as Rare Disease day. Some of the February 29 famous birthdays are Rukmini Devi Arundale (Indian Dancer), Tony Robbins (Famous american), Khaled (Popular Algerian), Michele Morgan (French Film Actress), Lena Gercke (German fashion model), etc. These are renowned personalities world wide. They have earned lot of fame in their line of industry.

In contrary to this, there are some Myths about Leap Year. For Example, In Scotland people think they are unlucky if there birthday falls on February 29 or Leap year day. Here I conclude my article on Leap Day or Leap Year Day. Leap Year 2020 . Hope you like it! Please do share and  comment how do you like this article, what we can do to improve our blog? Thanks for reading!

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