Ivanka Trump joins GES 2017 in Hyderabad, India

Ivanka Trump, adviser to and daughter of Donald Trump came to India and joins Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017. She talks about U.S. relationship with India. She calls her father a true friend of India

Ivanka in GES 2017

Ivanka was the key speaker at the opening day of Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Also, she was talking about the power of women entrepreneurship and the hurdles they face.

Highlights of Ivanka Trump’s speech:

  • This summit represents strong bond between India and United states.
  • Hyderabad emerged as the innovation hub of India.
  • U.S. praises Narendra Modi’s rise from a tea seller to Prime Minister.
  • Thank you PM Modi for joining this summit along with me.
  • Trump administration gave me the opportunity to serve for my country, leaving my business.
  • She calls her father a true friend of India
  • First time ever, 50% of women has been selected for the GES summit.
  • This summit gives an opportunity to women to stand and makeup, build their business.
  • Till today, more than eleven million women in U.S. own business.
  • Some countries are still facing issue with women security. But the platform like this boost strength of women. Now, developing countries has started improving socially and economically.
  • Reyan, a 15 year old has started her company, which focuses on creating using concept of rain water harvesting. She is the sign of courage and determination.
  • I imagine a future where all the nations come together and make a peaceful and cheerful world.

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