How to install Angular web development framework

Angular is used to develop web applications. Nowadays, it is first priority for every IT company to develop their web applications using applications, taking over other technologies like, MVC, etc. It is easy to install and easy to use and develop web applications by performing simple steps. Below are the major steps to install Angular web development framework:

Pre-requisite to install angular

  1. Install Nodejs >> Go to node.js CMD and type command node and hit Enter.. If you are getting blinking comparison operator. That means nodejs has already been installed. Otherwise, you have to install it.
  2. Install Angular web development framework from official website of angular. How to do it ? Go to and type angular CLI and hit enter. OR you can directly go to Once you get there, you have to type some commands in CMD. They are:
  3. Install : Type npm install –g @angular/cli  and hit enter. (Installation will start). Once it gets done, perform step b.
  4. Make a site : Type ng new YourProjectName and hit Enter. (Site creation will start). For Example : ng new Shubham

NOTE: Step a and step b requires high speed Internet connection. Type these commands only once.

Once it gets installed, you are ready to make a web application using Angular.

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