Latest HCL ServiceNow Interview Questions

Hello ServiceNow Geeks,

This article will help you prepare for technical interview for ServiceNow profile in HCL Technologies. Interview round can be taken face to face or via WebEx session. Most probably, Only one panelist will be available to take technical interview. So be prepare for it. Here is the list of Latest HCL ServiceNow Interview Questions – 

  1. What is GlideAjax? How it can be utilized? Write code with example.
  2. Difference between UI Policy and Data Policy?
  3. How to enforce mandatory filed data coming through Integration?
  4. Difference between Callback function & Script Include.
  5. How to add sla on catalog item
  6. Scrum master in ajile
  7. Mid server implementation
  8. Order guide-cascade variable
  9. How to call Email notification script?
  10. Transform map data loading
  11. Event registry
  12. Workflow – notifiction
  13. What is Scratchpad variable?
  14. What is Subflow?
  15. Approval coordinator in workflow?
  16. Turnstiles
  17. UI Policies ordering use
  18. Language to set to default
  19. How cell edit work
  20. CRUD Operation in business rule
  21. gsftSubmit() in UI Action?

Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced for the same organization. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.