God Maha Shiva hd wallpapers

Happy Mahashivratri Wallpapers Photos Gallery

Mahashivratri 2019 comes on 4th of March (Monday). This is a Hindu festival celebrated across India and Nepal in honor of God Shiva. This day is celebrated annually depending on days of Hindu calender. It can either come in month of February or March. On this day, People do prayers and fast in honor of God Shiva.

MahaShivratri Wallpapers and Images

Maha Shivratri is a religious day and it is celebrated in night. This festival signifies the won of Light over darkness, faith over unfaithfulness and true over false. As mentioned earlier, People do prayers, fasting and chants “Om Namah Shivay” throughout the day, and do spent their day in temples.

God Maha Shiva hd wallpapers
God Maha Shiva hd wallpapers

Additionally, People exchanges sweets, fruits and flowers among them and often do honor Shivling. It is the stone which is believed to be the representation of God Shiva. Check out all the best wallpapers, images and photos available for you.

Happy mahashivratri wallpapers photos
Happy mahashivratri wallpapers photos

This year, Mahashivratri falls on March 4th, which is Monday. Check outJyotirlings of God Shiva. There are more other stuff available for you. Hope you will like it.

happy mahashivratri images
Happy mahashivratri images

Maha Shivratri is celebrated in all the temples across India and Nepal. Pilgrims visits the temples and do worship God Shiva, the god having ultimate powers. God Shiva always blesses the living beings on earth.

Below is the temple of God Shiva. It has been made in ancestral times. These temples are upgraded by government of states so that the weakness of strength does not hamper the visitors of temple. Some of the temples of God Shiva have been nominated as Archaelogical sites of India.



Mahashivratri wallpapers photo gallery
Maha shivratri wallpapers photo gallery

Shivling (Lingam) Wallpapers Gallery

In temples of God Shiva, Pilgrims do worship Shiva by siting ahead of Lingam (Shivling in Hindi). They spread milk, fruits, vegetables, sweets over Lingam. That is how they get to meet Shiva. Here are some of the photos of Lingam in different temple in region of India.


God Shiva in position (mudraa) of yoga. This is how people site in temples and worships God Shiva. This position can be taken to feel peace in inner self, spirituality. It is also known as meditation.

Lingam in Shiv Mandir (Temple)


Famous God Shiva Temples

Amarnath Temple is the world wide famous temple situated in Northern India. The path for amarnath opens only once in a year for 1-2 months. The visit to Amarnath Temple is known as Amarnath Yatra. In this temple, Lingam is made up from snow and disappears after some days. This tour totally depends on the temperature and snowfall. The yatra usually starts during February and ends in March or April. Pilgrims have to register through banks to participate in this tour and visit Amarnath Temple. Huge security staff of Indian Government is being deployed to handle any kind of misshapen.

Amarnath Ji
Shri Amarnath Mahashivratri images

Just like Amarnath Temple, Kedarnath Temple is also very famous temple situated in Uttarakhand state of India. It is one of the Jyotirlings of God Shiva. This temple remains open during summer. The way to this temple is very critical as this temple is located at distant height. This temple is one of the important visiting site for Chaar Dham Yatra. Here is the picture of Kedarnath temple pasted below for you.

Kedarnath ji
Shri Kedarnath Mahashivratri

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