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Google Tez – Application by Google

Use link: to download Google Tez and get Rs.51 instantly into your bank account.

Google Tez is a mobile application launched by Google on September19, 2017. In its infant stage, this application is currently is available only for people of India. Indians are loving this application just because of its unique style to use. User gets a reward coupon after every transaction. Reward coupon is in form of money. User can do transaction directly from his bank account. There is no digital wallet in Google Tez like other mobile payment services do. It uses the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which is developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This application is highly secured and is powered by ICICI bank.

Availability and Usage

Google Tez is available on app store for iOS users and play store for android users. It is currently working on 8 languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. In Hindi, Tez means fast. Within few days of its launching, Google Tez has emerged as revolutionary app. Within first two months of its launch, over 10 million installations and transactions of over 50 million rupees has been observed.

Future Goals of Google Tez

Soon, Google will be extending its business to the developing countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. In mobile phones like Panasonic, Micromax, Nokia, etc. this application will soon be preinstalled. Dish TV, Jet Airways and Domino’s will soon be accepting payments via Google Tez. Google is also planning to avail this services through advertisers and e-commerce companies like Shopify.

Collaboration with other companies

Google Tez has currently been accepted by PVR cinemas and travel services like RedBus. For more information, log on to official website of Tez, that is,

There are various other stand-alone mobile applications which are developed by Google. These includes Google Hangouts, Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, Google Chrome, Google Play store, etc. Learn more about the products and services of ooogle on our previous article on below link:

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