EY ServiceNow Interview Questions

Hello ServiceNow Geeks,

In this article, I will cover the whole interview process for ServiceNow in EY and its various aspects and interview questions for experienced candidate in India.

First Round – Technical Round

This round is generally taken on Microsoft Teams by a technical panel having experience more than 7 years

  1. How many types of Business Rules we have in ServiceNow? What is their order of execution?
  2. What is the difference between After Business Rule & Async Business Rule?
  3. What is the function and syntax to abort action using business rule?
  4. How to effectively use current.update() in Business rule?
  5. What is Script Include? How it is used in ServiceNow?
  6. What are the different ways we can return results using GlideAjax?
  7. What is the syntax of declaring GlideAjax in client script?
  8. What is the syntax to call function of a Script Include in Business Rule?
  9. What is Instance variable?
  10. What is the order of execution of Transform Scripts?
  11. How many times does onComplete Tranform Script runs?
  12. Scenario based question on Import sets.
  13. What is ACL? Which role is required to use elevated previleges?
  14. Scenario based question on ACL.
  15. What is the function used to convert results into string?
  16. How to access or call variables of a catalog item?
  17. What is the name of UI macro used on the order page of catalog item?
  18. How UI action works on server side?
  19. How do you rate yourself in Scripting?
  20. Do you have any interest in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?

2nd Round – Techno-Managerial (Taken by Kapil Sharma, ServiceNow Manager in E&Y)

This round is generally taken on whatsapp video call or Microsoft Teams

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. How to manage sys_user table in ServiceNow using Actve Directory data through Import sets?
  3. Which all modules Machine Learning is being used in ServiceNow?
  4. Which all modules you are experienced in?
  5. What is your current salary package?
  6. Why do you want to change your current job?
  7. Which is your preferred work location?
  8. Any questions for me?

3rd Round – HR Discussion (Anuvita Bajpayee, Recruitment Manager)

  1. Do you have any feedback for our interview process?
  2. What is your salary expectation?
  3. Why do you want to change your current job?
  4. What id your preferred job location?

These interview questions were being asked to a candiate of experience more than 3 years experience. I wish you all the best for your interview.

Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced for the same organization. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.

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