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Essay on Republic Day

Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th of January every year. It is one of the three National Holidays of India. Republic Day symbolizes the Constitution of India, which came into effect on 26 January, 1950. It then replaced Government of India Act (1935).

History of 26 January (Republic Day)

The constitution of India was proposed on November 26, 1949 and came into effect on January 26, 1950. Soon after the Independence of India, a drafting committee was made to draft constitution. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the chairman of that committee. This committee took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to draft constitution of India. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar played a vital role in drafting constitution of Republic of India.

Additionally, 308 members of the assembly met to open public for around 5.5 months to demonstrate about and get feedback on constitution drafted. They have also made modifications as per suggestions. The committee submitted two signed and hard written copies in two languages (English and Hindi) of Constitution. Soon after, it came into effect.

Our constitutional laws are assessed at regular intervals and amended by lawmakers of the country. Republic Day has been declared as National holiday, along-with Independence day and Gandhi Jayanti or Mahatma Gandhi Birthday.

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Celebrations on 26 January

Republic Day parade in New Delhi always remains the main source of attraction. The states of Republic of India, National security Forces like Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. exhibits their diversity, heritage, work and culture before President of India and Chief Guests. President is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces in India.

Every year one of the world leader gets invited and visits to see Delhi Parade as Chief Guests. The parade starts from Rashtrapti Bhawan (President’s Palace), Raisina Hills on Rajpath and ends past the India Gate. The essay on Republic Day has been written in very simple language. Check out Republic Day wallpapers after reading essay on republic day.

26 January – Honor to the Martyrs

Armed forces sacrifice their lives for the safety of mankind of the country. They maintain the peace by not allowing any intruder to enter into the country. Army personnel are the symbol of courage and determination. They deserve a lot of respect from every person of India. They get martyred just for the safety of the country. President of India honors their wife or any member of the family before the Republic day parade. The whole nation stands up, salutes, remembers them and gives a big round of applause. Sacrificing life for the safety of other person is a generous work.

Beating Retreat – End of Republic Festivities

It represents the official end of the festivities of Republic Day. This ceremony has been conducted on 29th of January. The Band Show is being done by Armed Forces of India at Vijay Chowk. They give salutation to President of India. The show includes numerous patriotic rhythms and ends with the National Anthem.

Band Show by Military

During arrival of President, the unit commander asks his unit to give President a National salute. At the same time, National Anthem is played by Indian Army regiment. The show includes numerous patriotic rhythms. All three wings of the military stand along the road and start show with bands, drums, trumpets and buglers.

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