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Welcome friends! Here we bring one more article for you. This article will definitely help you. This article is completely about why and how to run Dell diagnostics test of a system or laptop. All the steps have been written in simple and concise language.

Why to run Dell Diagnostics test ?

There are times when you will get different error related to hard drive failures. In that case, we need to run diagnostics for Dell. Here is the list of most common hard disk failure error message:

  • Hard Disk drive failure
  • No Boot Device found
  • Hard Drive not detected
  • Missing Operating system
  • No Boot Partition found

Run Dell Diagnostics

Now the question arises, how to fix hard disk failure. But before running diagnostics, we have to Verify whether Hard drive is present is BIOS or not. Steps to check this:

Step 1. Press <F2> button during system boot up. It means <F2> button should be presses at Dell Splash screen.

Step 2. Go to System Information or Drives section

Step 3. Check whether Hard drive is detected or not.

Step 4.  a) If Hard drive is not present, then, system requires physical assistance from Technical Engineer.

b) If Hard drive is present, Go ahead and perform below steps.

Hard Drive Failure - Dell Diagnostics
Hard Drive Failure

How to fix Hard Disk Failure?

Following are the steps which needs to be performed to run dell diagnostics:

Step 1. <F12> is the dell diagnostics boot key. This key must be pressed at Dell Splash screen during boot up.

Step 2. Select “Diagnostics” from the menu appears.

This completes the full diagnostics of Dell. At the end of diagnostics, system will show you the brief you the title, an error code and Validation that is related to the issue. You can continue diagnostics at official website. There may be a reason that motherboard is faulty, that is leading to this issue.

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