cmd ping command network

3 things that confirm device availability on Network

In order to access the facilities of Internet, your device must be connected to a network. The device can be a mobile phone, computer, etc.

Device’s availability on Network

The most common thing which is implemented world wide is:

  1. Check whether the device is connected to the any working network or not. If it a wired device, then check if internet cables are inserted properly. If it is a wireless device, then, make sure it is connected to a wireless_network
  2. Command prompt is also a good way to check net work level. A ping command is most widely used command. cmd ping command network
  3. If your device is computer, laptop or mobile, then, a web page must be accessed to check availability. If it is a network_printer, then, a print command can be given.

Other Steps that can also be performed

  1. Reboot the workstation to refresh the Internet connection.
  2. Re-seat the cable at both ends (wall port and computer side port) and reboot system.
  3. Internet connection can also tested by connecting through different system.
  4. Verify the lights on the NIC (Network Interface Card) are illuminated. If is not, then, NIC card is damaged.

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