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Simple Tricks to speedup website | WordPress

If you have already bought a web domain and you are facing issues with the speed of the website, Do not worry. You are at the right place. We will provide few simple tricks to speedup website. These steps provided below are practically implemented on this site. These steps really helped me a lot. Speedup… Read More »

5 Important things in a WordPress Post

In order to get high traffic, page views per visitor and website rank, your wordpress post should be exceptional. The website will look unique and gives a great user experience. 5 Important things in a WordPress Post There are few things should be considered while  a drafting/publishing a post. They are: Unique Content: Your web article… Read More »

5 Simple steps to add Favicon to a website

In terms of website, Favicon abbreviates for Favorite icon. An icon associated with a specific website is known as favicon or website icon. This icon is generally added by the web makers to their web pages for several use. Once added, it can be viewed on the left side of a tab in graphical web… Read More »