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How to create a webpage using angular?

If any class is marked as component decorator, it is a web page. Just memorize that line. We will understand the actual meaning shortly. After successful installation of angular web development framework and site creation, go to your drive where you have installed it. For Example, C: or D: or any other drive. Follow this… Read More »

Essay on Republic Day | 26 January | India

This article/post can used as Essay on Republic Day. Essay on Republic Day Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th of January every year. It is one of the three National Holidays of India. Republic Day symbolizes the Constitution of India, which came into effect on 26 January, 1950. It has taken place of… Read More »

Federal Holidays of United States of America

In U.S., there are ten federal holidays in a year. These holidays are designated by U.S. Congress which has the constitutional authority to create holidays for federal institutions. There are no national holidays in United States. Most of the federal holidays are considered as state holidays. U.S. Federal holidays are also known as public or legal… Read More »