Run Dell Diagnostics

DELL Diagnostics test | Laptop | Desktop

Welcome friends! Here we bring one more article for you. This article will definitely help you. This article is completely about why and how to run Dell diagnostics test of a system or laptop. All the steps have been written in simple and concise language. Why to run Dell Diagnostics test ? There are times when you will get different error related to hard drive failures. In that case, we…

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Sticky Keys

Sticky Keys and their Benefits

Sticky Keys are designed for the users who faces repetitive strain injury. This feature was first introduced in Mac OS. Nowadays, it is available in Windows OS and Unix Operating system as well. It extends the accessibility features for the users, enabled in Graphical User Interfaces. How to TURN ON Sticky Keys? There are few steps which can be easily performed, in order t o enable sticky keys in your…

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