Capgemini ServiceNow Interview Questions

This article will help you prepare for technical interview for ServiceNow profile in Capgemini. Interview round usually occurs face to face. In rare cases, video conferencing round can be conducted. Most probably, One experienced panelist will be available to take technical interview. So be prepare for it. Here is the list of Latest Capgemini ServiceNow Interview Questions –

Technical Round 1

  1. What is GlideAjax?
  2. Difference between UI Poicy and Data Policy.
  3. Difference between After Business Rule and Async Business Rule.
  4. When to use Client Script irrespective of UI Policy.
  5. What is Coalesce in Import sets?
  6. What is mail script? How to use in Email Notification?
  7. Describe all types of Business rules in the sequence of their flow with example.
  8. What is rule base?
  9. What is Record producer?
  10. What are the differences between Parallel Flow & Sub flow?
  11. What is automated test framework? When to utilize it?

Technical Round 2

This round will include some of the conceptual and scenario based questions.

  1. We have a requirement in which some data is coming through Integration into Incident table in ServiceNow. One UI Policy is applied to make short description field mandatory in servicenow but records coming through integration does not have data in short description field. Will that data records get inserted into Incident table? How to achieve the desired results? Ans. Enforce Mandatory data using Data Policy.
  2. Find out all the incidents with category as Software or Hardware without using record filters or breadcrumbs.
  3. How to get the sys_id of current logged in user in ServiceNow.
  4. Does GlideAjax runs on client side or server side.
  5. One scenario based question will be on Access Control Lists (ACL).
  6. What are different types of Transform Map Script available in ServiceNow? What is its purpose?
  7. What is Global checkbox in Service Catalog variable used for?

HR Round

In this round, general questions regarding roles & responsibilities, salary and joining related conversation will be done. No prior preparation required for HR round in Capgemini.

I hope this will give little idea about the technical questions being asked in ServiceNow interview for Capgemini. Please write us for any clarification and interview questions for other companies.

Also, Please do give your inputs and questions which you have faced for the same organization. Do share your views by commenting and sharing this posts to all ServiceNow geeks out there, who are interested in this kind of discussion.