Bomb Cyclone - Winter Storm 2018

Bomb Cyclone – Winter Storm 2018 hits East Coast

Winter Storm 2018, named as Bomb Cyclone has hit the east coast with winter storms and heavy snow all around. Several cities have been facing electricity problem.

Bomb Cyclone and its effects

This year the winter storm has been named as Bomb_Cyclone. It has decreased the temperature in all over the region. It is not just affecting the livelihood but production. Roads in Boston had a foot of snow. People of Massachusetts have lost the power in their houses. Downtown streets Atlanta and Florida are also experiencing the snowfall. Cruise ships have also undergone through high and dangerous waves.

Bomb Cyclone - Winter Storm 2018
This is a satellite view of bomb cyclone provided by NASA.

The cold arctic air continues to come towards US and breaking records of low temperatures in this time frame.

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