National game of America – Baseball

Baseball is a game which has been played since 18th century. This game was first played in England. The games are orgnanized by World Baseball Softball Confederation. By 19th century, it became the National game of United States of America. This game has now been played around the world. In 2020 Olympics which is going to be organized in Tokyo (Japan), Baseball is going to make come back after 2008.

How do a match occurs?

Competition occurs between two teams, each having nine players. Most of the time, a single match consists of nine innings. Generally, visitor team gets the chance to bat first and the team with highest number of runs wins the match. If runs gets tied, then, an extra innings played by the teams.


How do we count a run?

Player has to hit the ball bowled by fielding team and has to run around a series of four bases, that is, first plate, second plate, third plate and home plate to complete a single run. Player starts running from home plate in clock-wise direction and runs back to home plate to complete a run.

Kit needed to play a Baseball_game with

In order to play any game, we require certain equipments same is with Baseball. Equipments needed to play Baseball are:

This game can only be played in a Baseball_field. Please do not try this at roads or streets.

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