Amit Bhadana’s journey from law student to viner

The most popular and loveable viner on youtube, Amit Bhadana, hasn’t he? Name is enough to bring smile on your face. Lets go ahead and know more about him..

Har jagah chhaa rha hai Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is a young indian youtuber who makes funny videos just to make people laugh. His birthday comes on September 07 and grown up in National Capital Region of India. Amit completed his graduation in 2013 and study of Law in June,2017. He is unmarried and currently focusing on his career only. He is a desi boy and loves desi swag. His favourite dialog is “Kya ukhaad lega jamaana , har jagah chhaa rha hai amit bhadana.”

Amit Bhadana Youtube

How did Amit Bhadana start making videos?

He started his journey with video dubbing. During his infant stage, he recorded videos with smartphone. As time progressed, he took a camera from a photographer and now a professional camera kit. He is keen learner, takes responsiblity and focuses on good video content.

Professional life of Amit Bhadana

Amit is an actor/director, script writer @Amit Bhadana channel on Youtube. His channel was created on October24, 2012 and has over 4.1 million subscribers. Amit makes all of his comedy videoes with friends on his real and thug life events. He recently got an offer from Bollywood. He recently gave his live performance in LPU (Lovely Professional University). For any query, you can simply write an email to

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