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3 Simple steps to add a missing place in Google Maps

Google provides internet based products and services. One of itsGoogle Maps app  services includes web mapping services.This service is provided through a application known as Google Maps. Its mobile application is available for iOS and android phones. Google Maps avails you to check routes through satellite, Terrain view; sharing location; add a missing place in maps, etc.

Adding missing place in Google Maps

There are few basic requirement before someone adds a missing place. It includes: Gmail account, with which user logs into application and Google_maps application in mobile. Steps to add a missing place are:

Step1. Go to application and click on “Add a missing place” present in left sidebar.

Add Missing place

Step 2. Fill out the form opened and locate the place to be added in address field.

*Mandatory fields include Name of place, address, and category (school, hotel, etc.)

#Optional fields include Phone#, website and operational hours.

Add a missing place

Step 3. Click on SEND

Become a Local Guide:

By adding a missing place to maps, you can become Local Guide of Google. You can earn reward points by adding photos, updating location of any place. There are certain level you can achieve within few days.

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