5 Simple steps to add Favicon to a website

In terms of website, Favicon abbreviates for Favorite icon. An icon associated with a specific website is known as favicon or website icon. This icon is generally added by the web makers to their web pages for several use. Once added, it can be viewed on the left side of a tab in graphical web browsers.


5 Simple steps to add Favicon using WordPress?

The image you want to add to your website as fav.icon must be square and atleast 512 pixels wide and tall. It can be easily added to a website using wordpress by performing 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Login to WordPress admininstrator console.

Step 2. In Appearance, click on Customize.

Add Favicon using WordPress

Step 3. Click on Site Identity.

Step 4. Select Image then click Insert.

Step 5. Publish


Now, you can see the favorite icon of your website. Hurrah!

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