Republic Day Parade

26 January – Republic Day Parade in New Delhi

Republic Day of India comes on January 26 every year. It is due to the fact that constitution of India came into effect. There are huge celebrations on this day in whole country. But Republic day parade at Rajpath always remains the main venue of attraction.

26 January- Republic Day Parade

Republic Day parade starts from Rashtrapti Bhawan (President’s Palace), Raisina Hills on Rajpath and ends past the India Gate. The parade consists of numerous activities like State Heritage display, flag march, display of power by Indian Armed forces, Bike show, etc. All of them exhibits their diversity, heritage, work and culture before the President of India, Chief Guests and Nation. President is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces in India.

Republic Day Parade

Moreover, the Indian armed forces showcase their power with new weapon, spacecrafts added. The Paramilitary forces, National Cadet Corps (NCC) also do march past along Rajpath. In the previous years, the forces of the country chief guest hails from do the march-past along with Indian forces. The school students do the dance activities and make their parents proud by winning prizes. In 2018, Heads of ASEAN states will be present at Delhi Parade as Chief Guests.

26 January – Honor to the Martyrs

Armed forces sacrifice their lives for the safety of mankind of the country. They maintain the peace by not allowing any intruder to enter into the country. Army personnel are the symbol of courage and determination. They deserve a lot of respect from every person of India. They get martyred just for the safety of the country. President of India honors their wife or any member of the family before the Republic day parade. The whole nation stands up, salutes, remembers them and gives a big round of applause. Sacrificing life for the safety of other person is a generous work.

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